Triumph Design Awards 2017

2016 Triumph Design Awards - National Final

On Saturday 1st July 2017 the grand final of the Triumph Design Awards will be held at Triumph’s headquarters in Hinckley, Leicestershire.  The competition is open to 16-18 year old students of a relevant STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and entrants have been challenged to design a product which solves a real world problem.

Design Engineers from Triumph have shortlisted 26 finalists to exhibit their work during which all entrants will have the opportunity to present their design ideas to Senior Engineers from the Design Department at Triumph.

A speech will be given by Lord Digby Jones, Chairman of Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. who will also award prizes to the finalists. Lord Jones will be available to comment from 12.15pm.

Lord Digby Jones, Chairman of Triumph Motorcycles says “The development of Design & Engineering skills cannot start at too young an age. Our Country needs thousands of skilled young women & men every year if we are to win through in Asia's Century & provide good quality jobs & also taxable business profits to pay for our NHS & schools. 

The Triumph Design Awards are ticking every box in this quest. Rewarding in so many ways; I congratulate not only all the winners but also everyone who takes part; great stuff!”

The Triumph Design Awards aims to inspire the Engineers of the future by:

-Celebrating the design achievements of our country’s young Engineers.
-Demonstrating how the same skills are used by Engineers in industry.
-Inspiring young people with the prospect of a career in which their ideas can become a reality.

The winner will be awarded the Triumph Design Award trophy (pictured), £500 cash, two weeks of paid work experience in the Design department at Triumph, and will be considered for University Sponsorship.

Triumph Design Awards

Open to 6th form and college students of Design & Technology, the Triumph Design Awards encourages and celebrates creative thinking, innovative problem solving and the ability to produce feasible solutions to real world challenges.

We're committed to encouraging young people to innovate and get excited by the thought of an idea evolving into a real life product. We want young design engineers to develop their engineering potential, and recognise that design engineering is an exciting and useful career that has helped shape the world we know.

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The Briefs

Open Brief

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Submission Requirements

Entering couldn’t be easier with our new online submissions page, register your interest and follow us on Twitter to be notified when this goes live.

- Project Summary - 500 words.

A concise summary of your project, what problems it solves and how it solves them. Explain any technologies used, and the development, testing and evaluation process you took. When our judges read this, they should be excited and want to see more of your project.

- Product Images - 10 .jpegs

 A maximum of 10 jpeg images of your project. These can include sketches, development work, CAD, testing, and photos of your finished product or any other images you think are appropriate for your entry.

Your images shouldn’t include text as the primary focus - bullet points and annotations are fine, but include your written explanation in the 500 word part of your submission.

- Product Video - 2 mins (optional)

This part of the submission is optional, but will help our judges understand more about your project. This should consist of a short video showing your project. There’s no need for an Oscar winning performance, we want to see great Design Engineers not actors! You can use this as an opportunity to talk through or demonstrate how your product works, and how you solved the problem outlined in your design brief. This can be done with a smart phone - so don’t be shy!

Remember to register your interest and follow us on Twitter to be notified when our submissions page goes live.

Good luck!

Further Information

If you or someone you know would like to find out more, we can't wait to hear from you! Have your questions answered by emailing the team at, quoting which school or college you attend.

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