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reasons to ride a Tiger 800


The Tiger 800 is without doubt one of Triumph's best-loved motorcycles – and possibly the most critically acclaimed – with a bloodline originating from the first competition Tigers’ gold medals at the 1936 International Six Days Trial.  This was the starting point for the longest-running adventure motorcycle story of them all, and that same spirit of adventure and quest for perfection is built into each and every Tiger today. 

The updated Tiger 800 XC and XR ranges come with over 200 chassis and engine upgrades, and a whole suite of world-class off-road improvements that complement carefully crafted on-road enhancements.  We've specifically targeted advances in technology, comfort, and style along with the introduction of a new generation engine to maximise the rider enjoyment.  

The result is a Tiger 800 that’s genuinely better in every way, on the road... but especially off it.  Here are seven reasons why we love riding the Tiger 800!



1. New generation Triple engine 


The Tiger 800’s Triple has had a major update that has raised peak engine power output to 95PS, and a lighter exhaust system with a sportier soundtrack has transformed this new generation engine.  There's a new shorter ratio first gear to enhance off-road traction and all-road 'low speed responsiveness', a 22% lighter, freer-flowing exhaust system, and more immediate acceleration to give the rider a truly thrilling feel.  In addition, the new Off-Road Pro riding mode on the XC models allows the advanced rider to take complete control at any time.

2. Full-colour TFT instrument display

The mid- and high-spec bikes in the Tiger 800 range have a new adjustable full-colour 5-inch TFT instrument display for clear at-a-glance readings.  This advanced display means the rider sees a host of essential information in vivid colour in all lighting conditions, and the new ergonomically-designed switchcubes with joystick allow you to quickly use the intuitive menu system to change readings, usage data, and riding modes with fingertip control even when you're on the move.

3. State-of-the-art technology

This new generation of Tiger 800 motorcycles represents a significant advance in rider technology, with many technological improvements all designed to deliver THE perfect off-road performance, with maximum riding control and engagement. New additions include full-colour adjustable TFT display system with a choice of exciting themes and styles, an intuitive menu system accessed easily through new ergonomic switchcubes, up to six riding modes, cruise control, and heated grips.

4. Customisable to meet your riding needs

There are over 50 accessories available to meet all your riding requirements by adding to or adapting your Tiger's luggage, comfort and capability.  They’re designed, engineered and tested to the same exacting process and standard as our motorcycles and this, together with our unrivalled obsession for creating the perfect ride, means that all Triumph Genuine parts are ideally suited to your Tiger 800.




5 & 6

"Off-Road Pro" riding mode

This new generation Tiger 800 sees the introduction of a new riding mode for the XC range – Off-Road Pro – to deliver the most focused off-road set up ever. It’s a setting for advanced riders, who can now opt to turn systems off and be in total individual control over their ride precisely when they need it. Essentially, Off-Road Pro switches off ABS and traction control, and (where appropriate) sets throttle map and suspension to 'Off-Road' so you can really push your motorcycling to the limit.

Better ergonomics for enhanced rider comfort

Fully-tailored design ergonomics now improve your Tiger 800 ride by enabling a new commanding riding position and dynamic stance. In addition, a new 5-position hand-adjustable screen (combined with new aero diffusers that offer unparalleled aero comfort and protection), and the Tiger’s unique-in-segment heated seat and grip combination, all add to your on- and off-road riding pleasure.

7. Premium styling

There's an even stronger Tiger signature styling across this latest 800 range.  We've introduced new premium bodywork that includes high quality painted finishes with new side panel designs along with higher quality badges, graphics and detailing to deliver that premium Tiger presence.  The new bodywork also gives each Tiger a more contemporary and dynamic stance that highlights the road and off-road bias of each model, while retaining that distinctive and instantly recognisable Tiger 800 silhouette.




the next generation of Tiger has arrived

Your adventure riding is all set to be better in every way.