Master Security Scheme

    Recognising the impact of motorcycle crime on the community as a whole the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has launched an official security marking programme called Master Security Scheme.

    Developed in conjunction with Police authorities and Datatag the scheme means every new Triumph sold since April 2013 within our authorised dealer network is marked with a host of conspicuous and inconspicuous markings which contain unique identifiers registered to the motorcycle.

    Not only do the markings act as a visible deterrent, known by the police as a positive theft deterrent, but they also contain information which means the Police have a better chance of identifying and returning stolen motorcycles back to their rightful owner. Bikes with the unique makings are six times more likely to be recovered than those without.

    Figures released from the Police illustrate some promising statistics which show that since the scheme started only 0.6% of bikes on the scheme have been reported stolen making it four times less likely to be a victim of motorcycle crime with a machine registered on the scheme.

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